What type are you?

Not all gym-goers are alike. Each person has his or her own reasons for exercising, a specific motivation to keep going. Some obviously need work—they are either overweight or too skinny. That said, there are two general reasons why people go to the gym and sign up for a training program—people either want to improve overall fitness, or simply have better physique.

But it is not that simple. There are different gym personalities based on objective. If you have already signed up for a gym membership, you could find yourself fit in a category but chances are, you will see yourself as a little bit of all.

Here are different kinds of gym members. Where do you see yourself?

1. Bodybuilders
A person does not need to compete or be a “figure model” to become a bodybuilder. Bodybuilding is a mindset. It is an idea that with the right kind of resistance, repetition, and execution of movement, a specific body part will morph to a much more desirable appearance. Some are absolute professionals at this. And these people understand how muscles work and know what to do to stimulate them for growth and shaping.



2. Weight Watchers
In a way, a “weight watcher” is a bodybuilder but with a specific priority in mind—to lose or maintain weight. These people are either currently overweight or had suffered with obesity before. Weight watchers are highly motivated people.



3. Fitness First Folks
This kind of gym-goer considers the improvements on how they look only as a bonus. Weight loss for them is merely a by-product of getting fit. What fitness buffs mainly think about is how to improve on various aspects fitness. They strengthen their muscles by lifting weights, improve their cardio by spinning, or enhance their agility with the help of kickboxing drills.



4. Sports Specialists
We also have athletes and they mainly want to improve performance in their respective sports. They work their asses out in the gym to get more explosive, get faster, and last longer. The exercises they do are sports-specific and these will help them achieve sporting glory. These athletes know that every hour they spend in the gym makes them a better player.



Your objective more or less dictates your workout routine. It is very important that you know why you go to the gym to work out. Knowing yourself (and your specific goals) helps you achieve desired results more effectively.

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