There are plenty of gyms in Iloilo and, fortunately for the Ilonggos, many of these gyms are equipped with decent facilities and competent instructors. Another great thing about Iloilo City is the way that these fitness establishments are located. It can be said that there is a good chance that an Iloilo gym is nearby wherever you are in the city as fitness centers spread throughout beneficially.

If you are within the heart of the city, you have plenty of nearby fitness gyms to choose from—each one is excellent in its own right. There is the high-end Iloilo Grand Hotel Gym along Iznart street, Infinite Fitness in Ledesma, Star Slimmers Gym in Delgado, HouseFit Gym in DeLeon, and Perfect Total Fitness along General Luna. There are a couple of gyms near Plaza Libertad, Olympus Gym and The Fitness Hub.

Residents of Molo, Villa, and Arevalo are also presented with a number of gym options. Another branch of HouseFit gym is located across UP Visayas. There’s The Fitness Garden in Molo, Workhouse Fitness Gym in Arevalo, and there’s a certain Fitness Gym in Oton.

Lapaz-Mandurriao area is also a hotbed of fitness centers. The small but charming Superbodies Gym in Magdalo and Professionalz Gym in Bolilao can cater to your basic bodybuilding needs. Of course, there’s the ever-present Winners Gym in Sports Complex.

Jaro, the largest and most populated district, surprisingly has only three fitness centers. Sportsville Gym in Sambag is situated away and isolated from busy streets of Jaro in contrast to Skyline Fitness center and Muscles and Curves Fitness Gym which can be found at the very heart of the district.

Muscles and Curves Gym

Muscles and Curves Gym

Muscles and Curves Fitness Center – Newest and Hottest Iloilo Gym

Every gym has its own appeal. Muscles and Curves Gym is unique in many ways but what sets it apart from other gyms is its versatility and inspiring atmosphere as it encourages different aspects of fitness training particularly programs geared towards fight training.

Martial Arts

In other words, Muscles and Curves Fitness Center is not only a bodybuilding/fitness gym but also a martial arts (MMA) training center with enough facilities to train local pro boxers, kickboxers, grapplers, and mix martial arts practitioners.

It has the space and equipment. Muscles and Curves was created to house experts from various athletic disciplines and let it become a place where people from all walks of life learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  It accommodates instructors and experts from the fitness industry, sports, and martial arts.


Accordingly, ideas are shared, principles are theorized, opinions are tested, and most importantly lessons are learned. Muscles and Curves members benefit from these things as they learn and try new things every day.

Muscle building and weight loss are very common goals. Typically, people go to the gym either to lose weight or tone up. However at Muscles and Curves, it is easy to forget these goals as the gym-goer has become more interested in learning new physical skills and abilities. Going to the gym has never been this fun and educational.

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